Friday, December 4, 2009


1. Hon’ble the Prime Minister of India Race Course Road, New Delhi
2. Hon’ble the Human Resource Development Minister, Government of India, Shastri Bhawan, New Delhi-110001
3. Shri Rahul Gandhi, Member of Parliament, 10, Janpath, New Delhi-110001.

Sub:- Demand for National Law to check commercialization of education in unaided private schools


It is really a matter of great concern that all our private unaided schools hiked fee and other charges arbitrarily and it has become very difficult for the middle class parents to afford the exorbitant school fees. The schools are indulging in commercialization of education with impunity. It is all against the constitution guarantee to every child of free and compulsory elementary education. There is a need of National Law to check the menace of commercialization of education by the unaided private schools.

Slowly and gradually good education and good schooling is becoming the prerogative of the rich people only and the children of middle class family will be deprive of it. No matter that school is running by whom but no one should be allowed to commercialize the same and exploit hapless parents and the students. You are therefore very humbly requested to please pay your attention to this side of education system and take some strict action against these schools. Regulation of fee hike is of utmost importance so as to prevent commercialization of education and to provide maximum opportunities to the children.

State of Tamil Nadu has recently enacted Tamil Nadu Schools (Regulation of Collection of Fee) Act, 2009 with a view to check commercialization of education in the schools. No other State in the country has legislation to deal with this problem. The problem is country-wide.

Therefore, I strongly demand for a National Law, may be on lines of Tamil Nadu Schools ( Regulation of Collection of Fee ) Act 2009, be enacted by the Parliament to save the hapless parents from exploitation at the hands of greedy unaided private schools.

Yours faithfully,
Ms. Sanjeeda Khurana, Advocate,
H-5, Radhey Puri, Near Krishna Nagar,Delhi-110051

Copy to: Mr. Ashok Agarwal, Advocate and President All India Parents Association for information.

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